They try everything for everything. Since last August, Prince Andrew has been the subject of a rape complaint, filed by Virginia Roberts in New York, for facts dating back to the early 2000s, when she was 17 years old. At the time, the young woman was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire at the head of a vast network of sex trafficking, who “lent” young women, often minors, to his friends. Including the son of Elizabeth II according to the words of this mother, now 38 years old. If he claims his innocence, the Duke of York has surrounded himself with many lawyers specializing in sexual crimes to avoid a trial at all costs, and even, to have this complaint rejected, which according to him is based on testimony that does not hold water. not the road.

Thus, Prince Andrew’s lawyers have described the complainant’s allegations as “at best ambiguous, at worst unintelligible”, reports the Daily Mail. However, since 2015, the year in which she came out of the silence to denounce the abuse she suffered, Virginia Roberts has always remained true to her version of the facts. What are trying by all means to question the lawyers of the Duke of York. “Giuffre’s refusal to include anything other than the most conclusive allegations is puzzling given his tendency to disclose to the media the alleged details of the same allegations included in the complaint,” they said in a statement, tackling the complainant with her “tendency to change her story”, prompting her “to keep the allegations of the complaint vague, so as not to commit to any specific account”.

A full hearing will be held on January 4

If all the actions of Prince Andrew’s lawyers have so far been rejected by the New York justice, leaving room for the now inevitable holding of a trial, the Duke’s teams are trying to support new angles of attack, such as that of the age of consent. Indeed, it will be argued that, because she was over the age of consent in New York at the time of the alleged offenses, Virginia Roberts will have to prove that she was forced to have sex with him against her will. . Aged 17 at the time, the age of sexual majority in New York State, this flawed argument is however supported by another defense: that of time.

“These highly subjective determinations are those most likely to be hampered by the passage of time, as memories fade, false memories are created, and witnesses die or otherwise become unavailable,” said said Prince Andrew’s lawyers, who recall that Virginia Roberts had signed an agreement with Jeffrey Epstein, in which she had pledged not to prosecute Prince Andrew, whose embarrassing videos were unveiled. The billionaire being dead, this defense is undermined, while a full hearing will be held in New York on January 4, during which Judge Lewis Kaplan will decide whether to close the case or allow him to stand trial.

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