Tamara boarded the KLM Royal Dutch flight from Guyaquil, Ecuador, to Spain. She had a layover at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. During this flight, she had strong contractions and decided to go to the bathroom.

She gives birth by surprise in the bathroom during her flight

These stomach aches were nothing but the signals of an unexpected event. Fortunately for her, this flight had health professionals among its passengers, including 2 doctors and an Austrian nurse. The surprise was big: a baby. According to the hospital center where they were collected: “To her surprise, after two contractions, she suddenly had a baby in her hands”. This is called denial of pregnancy, a woman can be pregnant without being aware of it and without showing the usual signs of pregnancy. Tamara has named her newborn Maximiliano and according to the company, both mother and baby are doing well.

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The hospital that received them explained, in a publication quoted by the NL Times, what happened: “A few hours before landing in the Netherlands, her stomach ached and she decided to go in the toilet. To her surprise, after two contractions, she suddenly had a baby in her hands,” the post read. The flight landed at Schiphol Airport at 12:55 p.m. on Thursday, December 8. Tamara, the new mum and her baby Maximiliano were rushed by ambulance to Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem Zuid hospital. Both are doing great and as you can see from Tamara’s face, she seems to be overjoyed. Finally, it was an early Christmas present that was not on his list.

Pregnant without knowing it, she gives birth in mid-flight


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