Pregnant, Ashley Graham is proud of her body! A year and a half after the birth of her first child, Isaac, the model is pregnant with twins. Friday, October 8, 2021, the one who wants to normalize all body types shared in a story on Instagram a snapshot where she appears completely naked and hides her chest using her hand. Recently, it was in an interview with Access Hollywood that the pretty brunette had confided: “I think everyone is beautiful and I think that’s exactly what I keep preaching. My stretch marks are coming and it is such a great conversation to have with other moms because it’s just inevitable to have stretch marks when you’re pregnant, especially the second time with twins. “

Understanding that many women feel a certain pressure to regain their pre-pregnancy body, Ashley Graham ensured that it is easier when you understand that what you see on Instagram is wrong. “You can’t compare yourself to others. I kept 11 kilos after Isaac was born, then got pregnant again. So I didn’t even take a scale this time because I was say why ?’ I do not need it.” While the model does not tolerate giving unsolicited advice to pregnant women, she said it was not a bad idea to stop following or block the accounts of women who post about their post-weight loss. partum. As she nears the end of her pregnancy, Ashley Graham added that she wanted to give birth at home again and had even chosen the names of her little boys.

Ashley Graham soon to be a mother of three boys

In a few months, Ashley Graham’s first son will become a big brother for the first time. Assuring that the latter had no idea of ​​the changes that were coming, the pretty brunette assured that Isaac knew she had two babies in her womb. “He shows my belly and kisses my belly and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world,” she said.

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