Shortly after the death of her husband, an American discovered that she was pregnant. Worried that she could not assume her role as a mother, her sister advised her to have her baby adopted.

After seven years of love and three years of marriage, Donna (assumed first name) has lost the man of her life following a tragic road accident. He was hit by a drunk driver. A few weeks after the tragedy, the young woman realized that she was waiting for a happy event. “A week after the funeral, I went to my sister’s house and her house was in a terrible state. There were take-out food wrappers everywhere and the sink was full of dirty dishes. During I was helping her clean , she told me that she and her husband had been trying to have a baby for a year, and that this morning she had a positive pregnancy test“told her sister on the Reddit forum.

After a doctor’s appointment for confirmation, Donna announced her pregnancy to her family a few weeks later. Worried, her sister expressed serious doubts about her ability to raise a child on her own: “I asked her if she was really ready to become a mother now, since she couldn’t even take care of herself. She got upset. She told me that I had no right to comment on her grieving and that her baby was the last thing that connected her to her late husband.” The latter also recommended to her sister to adopt the baby so that he grows up in “a healthy and stable home, with two parents”. A comment that was not unanimous.

Internet users castigate the widow’s sister

Unsurprisingly, all relatives were outraged by the sister’s remarks. The latter, however, defended herself by stating that she simply wanted to protect her youngest. Internet users were also shocked by the reaction of the young woman and did not hesitate to let her know in the comments. “This child was WANTED and PLANNED, the father’s sudden death was not! You are so out of touch with reality or perhaps just self-centered, that you don’t even realize it will be your niece or nephew. Families Single parents are nothing out of the ordinary. Wake up and show some empathy,” the post read.


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