The worst has been avoided, but the story reported by La Voix du Nord remains hard to believe. On November 20, a father found himself behind the wheel of his car after drinking five glasses of whiskey that brought out a violence in him that immediately went to his wife, who was seven months pregnant. In front of their 2-year-old son, the abusive man physically attacked his wife when she had tried for the first time to get out of the car with the little one following several swerves. Determined not to let them escape, her 27-year-old husband, Yohan Blesch, then hit her and then put her back in the car, her child on her lap. It was at this moment that the man entered the highway… in the opposite direction.

Still according to La Voix du Nord, the mother of the family tried a second time to flee, this time successfully. The pregnant woman indeed managed to convince her husband to slow down the car before she could open the passenger door and jump out of the moving vehicle, her son in her arms. She was then able to resist new attacks from her husband, who nevertheless tried to force her back into the car. After taking refuge behind the safety rails, the mother of the family was able to call for help thanks to a car which had stopped on the side. Both mother and child were taken to hospital for a few days.

Driver sentenced to 18 months in prison

During the trial of the father of the family, the “extremely serious violence” was singled out, as well as the “suicidal behavior” of the driver. A behavior that he himself does not explain according to his comments reported by La Voix du Nord: “I do not understand how I got there. I have never been violent with anyone” he said. declared. The death of his grandfather, however, greatly influenced the alcohol consumption of Yohan Blesch, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison, therefore 10 suspended and compulsory care. He will serve his sentence under an electronic bracelet at his parents’ home.

Pregnant with her child in her arms, she jumps out of her car onto the highway to flee her partner

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