A very inappropriate remark … Thursday January 19, 2023, Paga, emblematic candidate of the Marseillais, on W9, turned 35. For the occasion, his companion, Giuseppa, gave him a huge surprise by bringing together all their loved ones to celebrate his birthday. Present, Greg Yega shared in story, on Instagram, the speech of the future dad. Referring to the one who shares his life, he first confided: “I would like to thank this wonder, because the truth that this girl in Marseille, everyone would like her. She cooks, she cleans, she does the laundry, she doesn’t flinch, she makes children.” Discussing their sexual relationship, Paga added, “Right now, she’s not having sex anymore, but that’s okay. You have to take it. Loss of libido, it’s okay. Once love in five months, it does not matter. Once, I sent the sauce, it does not matter.”

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The day after Paga’s birthday, Giuseppa said he had an “incredible” evening. A few hours later, it was then that she did not seem to have been offended by the remarks of the day before that the young woman made a magnificent declaration of love to Paga on Instagram. “And here is my love at your 35th birthday… What a joy to live by your side. It took us time to understand each other perfectly, to listen to each other attentively and to be able to be in osmosis… But time makes the things, we believed in us in our love, our love at first sight”, she confided before slipping: “You made me change my mind about everything, my vision of the couple to change so much, the life is so much more beautiful together, easier… To our future years of love, joy and happiness with our daughter who is coming soon… I love you my daddy gaga!”

Giuseppa and Paga are expecting a baby girl

A few months earlier, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. On a small cloud, the two reality TV candidates had let it be known: “After these 3 long months … We are lucky and our hearts are filled with emotion, excitement, but above all with an infinite happiness to be able to announce to you that we await the fruit of our love which today is only the size of a small kiwi, but already takes a gigantic place in our life, but above all in our whole heart…” Shortly after Christmas, Giuseppa had announced that he was expecting a baby girl. “A little seagull! I felt it from day one. Now all we have to do is wait to meet you my princess,” she wrote.

Pregnant Giuseppa: Paga's very inappropriate remark in front of witnesses about their sexual relations

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