To know the details of this incredible story, you have to go back to the year 2002. It is July and Zahara Boutaleb is going to the hospital in Rabat, Morocco, because she is suffering from excruciating abdominal pain. Auscultated by the doctors, the 75-year-old Moroccan ends up learning her terrible diagnosis. And for good reason, health professionals are amazed to discover a strange lump in his abdomen. After having examined her “heaviness in the stomach” more extensively, they understood that the patient was carrying a 3.7 kg fetus measuring no less than 42 cm. A real shock!

According to the details of the Moroccan journal L’Événement Médical, quoted by L’Obs, Zahara had already gone to the hospital… in 1956. At the time, her pregnancy had not been detected “for lack of efficient technical means”. Gestation therefore followed its normal course. After nine months, the heart of the fetus unfortunately stopped, before becoming fossilized. The years passed and he gradually enveloped himself in a shell of limestone, produced by his mother’s organism. It is this “natural insulation” that allowed him to stay so long in his mother’s womb, without harming his health too much.

The fetus had developed outside the womb

The fossilized fetus could be extracted without complication. It was Professor Ouazzani Taibi, head of the gynecology-obstetrics department of the maternity hospital of Rabat University Hospital, who performed the operation. A real relief for Zahara who had just experienced an exceptional case of abdominal pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy. By definition, it is characterized by the fact that the fertilized egg develops in the abdominal cavity instead of the uterus. According to the Journal of Medical Case Reports, these pregnancies have a very high perinatal mortality rate which varies between 40 and 95%, both for the mother and the child. They also cause fetal malformations in 20 to 40% of cases.

Pregnant for 46 years, this septuagenarian discovers that she was carrying a 4-kilo fetus


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