Louisiana native Crysta Abelseth has always maintained that John Barnes, now 46, raped her when she was just 16. The story goes back to 2005. Abelseth was walked out by Barnes, then 30, after she got drunk with friends. According to her allegations, John Barnes was to take her home. However, the latter drove Crysta home. According to the victim, who is currently the mother of a 16-year-old daughter, John Barnes sexually assaulted her on the sofa in her living room.

Crysta did not immediately declare the incident and hid from everyone that her daughter was the result of rape. Six years later, her rapist discovers the existence of the little girl, the latter was then 5 years old. John Barnes has never been charged with rape or rape of a minor despite the legal age of consent in Louisiana being 17. Crysta said the rapist didn’t do anything for his daughter until 2015. But suddenly he got joint custody of the child.

She loses custody of her daughter and must pay alimony to her rapist

Thus since 2015, Crysta Abelseth and the parent of her daughter share custody. As if that weren’t enough, on June 16, 2022, “Abelseth was ordered to relinquish custody of the girl, now 16, and to pay maintenance to Barnes,” the Daily Mail reported. Barnes won full custody after complaining to Judge Jeffrey Cashe that Abelseth gave away a cellphone for his daughter. According to Abelseth, her sexual assault report, filed with the Tangipahoa Parish sheriff’s office, was not thoroughly investigated. The sheriff’s department told local broadcaster WBRZ that “the investigation into Abelseth’s allegations is open and ongoing – but has not moved since 2015.”

Pregnant by her rapist at the age of 16 © DailyMail


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