Thinking she was poisoned by her breast implants, Vanessa Paula is now working to share her experience with other women, urging them to think long and hard before undergoing a potentially life-changing operation.

It is a real battle in which Vanessa Paula has embarked. After her breast surgery in 2006, the holistic therapist began to experience inconveniences that she did not expect…

Today, she actively fights with women, sharing her stories, the troubles she experiences daily and hopes to spare them similar experiences.

Reconcile with his chest

It was in 2006 that Vanessa decided to have breast augmentation surgery. The reason for this decision? The change in appearance of her “flabby” breasts after breastfeeding her son. After having spent more than 1700 € to realize her desire, the thirty-year-old was delighted with the result… until the first inconveniences began. In 2015, she began to suffer from pain and “pinching” in her chest to the point of not being able to sleep. She then questions her doctor “After several tests, he told me that I had to have my silicone removed urgently” she explained in the columns of the Mirror.

Learn to love yourself again

“My body was fighting me and creating an autoimmune disease, expelling the silicone which could have dangerous consequences,” she said. “At the time, I was living in Angola where breast implant disease was not well known,” she said, adding “The removal process was quite shocking.” For this new operation, Vanessa must spend nearly 4800 €. Two months are necessary for her to recover from this surgery from which she retains large scars on her breasts. “It took me months to get over the shock. But I realized that I needed to love myself as I was to be able to move on. “Because of this, I had to learn to love myself inside and out in a new way. It was a difficult and complicated process. Sometimes I barely wanted to look in the mirror and I hated my scars. Today, she proudly shows these and comes out of a long healing process “I did a photo shoot to show my scars and inspire other women who are going through this,” she said, concluding “We are much more than our breasts and their appearance. We have to remember that”.


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