PODCAST. Broken destinies: a look back at the life of Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jeane Mortenson … This name may mean nothing to you, and yet it is the true identity of one of the greatest stars that American cinema has known. The Eternal … Marilyn Monroe.

Born in 1926, Marilyn Monroe is far from having a quiet childhood. His mother is regularly interned because of psychiatric disorders. As for his father? His identity is unknown to him. The little one ends up placed in a foster family, before a friend of the family becomes her official guardian. At 16, she prepares for a tidy life: she marries a neighbor and goes to work in the factory … And it is at her workplace that her fate takes a surprising turn. One day, military photographers visit the factory and Marylin is spotted for her beauty! Her very first near-professional photo is taken, and a few months later her life is racing. She’s on the cover of about 30 pin-up magazines and one day bleaches her hair for a shampoo commercial. Platinum blonde looks great on her. In the meantime, she quits her job, dreams of cinema in her head. Marilyn Monroe then decided to take acting lessons and, in 1946, she signed a first six-month contract with Fox for a salary of $ 75 per week. In the process, she divorces: a married actress, it is not very sales. Her career was not a long quiet river, and it was not until 1950 that she signed a contract with her agent Johnny Hyde, who was particularly going to help her create her star image: he took her to a hairstylist. and even pays to have a rhinoplasty and cosmetic chin surgery. Some of his films explode the box office such as Men Prefer Blondes or Seven Years of Reflections. Thanks to these successes, she negotiates new contracts: from now on, she will be paid 100,000 dollars per film. She seems to have all the doors opening, but as she expresses her urge to work with Hitchcock, it’s a cold shower. He refuses.

Question love, she married a second time in 1954 with Joe DiMaggio, a baseball player, but it was a failure: the divorce was announced in October of the same year. Never two without three, and in 1956, she remarried with Arthur Miller, a famous writer. She then moves away from the front of the stage, wishing to privilege her private life and becomes pregnant. Unfortunately, the pregnancy does not hold. She had a miscarriage, then a second the following year. Her husband then encouraged her to return to Hollywood to film Some Like It Hot. The success is monstrous! Marilyn obtains the Golden Globe for best actress in a musical film, and probably reaches the highest point of her popularity.

However, it is at the same time that his health problems, especially mental ones, appear. We will learn later that she suffered, among other things, from depression and chronic insomnia. She sees a psychiatrist almost daily, with whom she tries to reduce her consumption of alcohol and drugs. She becomes more and more dependent and in 1961, after 5 years of marriage with Arthur Miller, she divorces. At the end of it, she was interned in psychiatry. Reporters greet him at the exit. And then she spins again, but she is very weak and gets sick regularly. However, publicly, his image remains very good. One day, she leaves the set to attend the birthday of the President of the United States, John Kennedy, who is said to be the mistress. She sings in his honor.

Her shoots are going worse and worse, and Fox ends up firing her. The actress seems to be struggling to get better, and is even considering remarriage with one of her ex-husbands, Joe DiMaggio. A date is fixed. August 8, 1962. Unfortunately, that day will be the day of his burial. 3 days before, on the night of August 4 to 5, his lifeless body was found in his room. The medical examiner speaks of a probable suicide, due to an overdose of barbiturates. The homicide thesis is also mentioned. His death will never be elucidated.

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