The Guardian has obtained a copy of Prince Harry’s memoir ahead of its release
The Duke of Sussex talks about his conflicted relationship with Prince William
Harry also reveals a very special request from their father

From a father to his sons. The royal family, like any other family, has to deal with conflicts between its various members, with the difference that theirs are unfortunately exposed to the general public. After several years of tension, the situation is also about to become even more complex with, on January 10, the release of Prince Harry’s memoirs. In his book entitled Spare, the youngest son of King Charles III speaks in particular of his relationship with his brother, Prince William. Details of several key moments in Prince Harry’s life have already leaked to the press after it was leaked via the Guardian, and it also implicates their father.

According to the Guardian, in Spare Prince Harry recalls a scene that took place in April 2021, after the funeral of Prince Philip, who died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. At that time, the famous argument with Prince William also described in Prince Harry’s memoir had already taken place, and relations between the two brothers were therefore very tense. While the father and his two sons were together after the disappearance of Prince Philip, King Charles would then have found himself between his two visibly uncomfortable sons, “looking at [their] reddened faces”, before saying: “By please boys, don’t make my last years a misery”.

Is a reconciliation possible between Harry and William?

A request that reflects the fatigue felt not only by King Charles III in the face of the situation, but also by the entire royal family. Unfortunately, several sources believe that the release of Prince Harry’s memoirs will not help matters and could even go so far as to definitively break the link between Prince Harry and Prince William, making any reconciliation impossible. The youngest of Charles III attacks his brother violently in his memoirs, not hesitating to reveal very private conversations between them and even an argument that took place in 2019. It remains to be seen whether, despite his line of Driving until then very faithful to the motto of the royal family, Prince William will all the same end up expressing himself after the publications of his brother’s memoirs.

“Please boys…”: what Charles III would have begged his sons not to do, according to Harry's memoir

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