A sumptuous residence. This Saturday July 9, the Daily Mail revealed that Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, her investment banker husband, would have spent nearly 15 million pounds sterling to afford a superb house. Composed of about thirty rooms with nearly 150 hectares of land, this Georgian mansion would also house an enclosed garden and greenhouses. It was acquired by the couple in order to be closer to the family of the young woman, currently pregnant with her third child.

Indeed, this new residence is located in Berkshire where some members of the royal family live. His brother James Middleton and his partner had already taken the lead, as they bought a £1.45million farmhouse also located in the county last year. For their part, Pippa’s parents, Kate and James, live in Bucklebury, in the family home, about twenty minutes away. And according to many British media, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should also settle in Berkshire.

Kate and William in Windsor over the summer

On June 13, several media confirmed that Prince William and Kate Middleton were going to move to Windsor during the summer. And according to the Daily Mail, the small family would have chosen the Adelaide cottage to settle. This historic residence rebuilt in 1831 is located on a large estate of 265 hectares, not far from Windsor Castle. And who says new house, also says new school for the children. Thus, prince George and princess Charlotte (8 and 7 years old) should return to school in a school in Berkshire next September. A return to school which will be the very first for their brother, Louis, 4 years old.

Pippa Middleton © AGENCY


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