Pippa Middleton is pregnant with her second child, her mother confirms it!

The rumor had been running for several weeks … it is now confirmed! Last December, the American press assured that Pippa Middleton was pregnant with her second child. “Pippa and James are delighted,” said a source close to the mother-to-be. “This is great news in the middle of a difficult year. The whole family is in heaven.” And if the information had not yet been confirmed, it is done! Overwhelmed by this happy news, the future grandmother is this week on the cover of Good Housekeeping. “I hope to see more my family, than I was able to do last year, and of course my new grandchild”, simply explained the mother of Kate Middleton, already grandmother of George, Charlotte, Louis and Arthur. In a few weeks therefore, the little family will welcome a new member whose sex is still secret.

In the columns of the magazine, Carole Middleton also confided in her activities with her grandchildren. “I want to go down hills, climb trees and go through the playground tunnel. As long as I can, that’s what I would do, Kate and Pippa Middleton’s mom explained. dancing everywhere, we go on bike rides. ” She explained that she would like to pass on her love of the countryside to them and hoped that she could help them “really see the value of nature and be active in the outdoors”. Describing herself as “very family oriented,” Carole Middleton said she had always “done her best to be a listening grandmother and stepmother” to Prince William and Pippa Middleton’s husband , James Matthews: “As my children have had children. I have learned to be a wise grandmother, I hope.”

Pippa Middleton, an active mom

And the upcoming birth of this new baby fills the whole family with happiness. But especially Pippa Middleton. Mother hen of little Arthur, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge hopes to be as close to her second child. Rather discreet about motherhood, she confided tenderly on her complicity with her son. “Teaching my son Arthur to swim at the age of four months gave him confidence and fun in the water. He is now six months old and swimming is one of his favorite activities,” she said. exercise helps ensure a restful night’s sleep and movement has improved digestion. Water activity is a great form of exercise you can do with your baby. ” Active mom, Pippa Middleton will soon give birth to baby Arthur’s little brother or sister.

Pippa Middleton © Backgrid UK

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