She is overwhelmed. Since Friday, October 8, 2021, Elsa Leeb has been the happiest woman in the world. The reason: she gave birth to her baby girl and thus became a mother for the first time. It is the young woman in person who announced the beautiful news on her Instagram account Monday, October 11, 2021. “On October 8, 2021 at 5:15, I understood what it was to make the most beautiful meeting of his life . My Gaia, you upset me, give me confidence, soothe me, amaze me already so much … You were born from a love with Allan Asle absolutely wonderful and indescribable which changed my life. Count on us to do it for you share every second. Thank you Allan Asle, thank you life “, she wrote in the caption of a picture of the little girl.

With her companion, actor Allan Asle, she therefore chose to call her baby Gaia. A first name, to say the least, original and rare. In Greek mythology, it represents life. Gaia is the goddess who symbolizes Mother Earth. 33-year-old Esla Leeb revealed that she was expecting her first child last May. She had revealed that this pregnancy was rather unexpected. “An unexpected happiness, a new chapter of life, a blue sky after the storm, a happy upheaval, a dizzying joy, a mad love”, she had thus written.

Elsa Leeb’s daughter shouldn’t be lacking in love

After months of battling the disease, the Leeb clan must celebrate the birth of this baby in the best possible way. Indeed, the big sister of the young mother, Fanny Leeb was affected by breast cancer. She was able to count on the support of her relatives to get by. Today, Michel Leeb must savor his role as grandfather and must be eager to pamper this little Gaïa. No doubt this little girl will not lack love.

Elsa Leeb and her companion © Instagram

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