The stars very rarely reveal themselves about their private lives and for good reason. Pierre-François Martin-Laval, 54, is one of those who perfectly separate the professional and the personal, explains Pure People. Moreover, the one on the poster for the comedy “Ducobu’s vacation” is very discreet about his family life. Fortunately for fans, he leaves some clues on this point on his Instagram account, contrary to the silence, but above all the discretion he displays during interviews. On social networks, the one nicknamed Pef is a father who is proud of his children. Moreover, on his Instagram account, the actor-director and director takes great pleasure in filming his three daughters in sketches that he organizes.

These kind of magical moments with her daughters, Pef often shares with her fans. Moreover, in a video from March 7, 2021, we see the actor of the Profs in full discussion with one of his children. “Dad, what is the job that pays the most?”, we hear from one of his daughters. “You must not see it like that, my darling! You must first find the job that you are most passionate about”, replies the father with repartee. His daughter, obviously too young to ask these kinds of questions, has not finished surprising her father when she then begins to talk about the job she would like to have in the future. The child had explained to her father that she wanted to become a “trader”, a profession linked to finance. “I’ll find out…”, replies Pierre-François Martin-Laval with serious doubts about this professional choice. In the same scene, the actor’s two other daughters can be seen swinging in the distance.

A father always close to his daughters

A few months after this video, Pierre-François Martin-Laval had filmed another tender moment with his daughter, still at the table, where the actor imitated “a funfair attraction” in order to convince his daughter to finish her plate. “Dad says hunger justifies the means,” he wrote in the comments. Although innocuous, this method was visibly effective since it bore fruit. Another video he also shared shows the former Robin Hood comedy troupe member having some stuffed animal fun with his daughters. A father-daughter moment accompanied by music by Michael Jackson in the car on a highway. “Dad has been rehearsing all of our stuffed animals since he has been touring with Jean-Marc and Panacloc!”, one can read in the comment section.

If Pierre-François Martin-Laval is very generous concerning the videos showing his daughters, the information on them is meager. After all, not much is known about his three daughters, as Pure People explains. The same goes for the identity of their mother which is a total mystery. In any case, it is certain that the actor of 54 years is a “daddy cake” with his toddlers.

Pierre-François Martin-Laval: how many children does he have?

Pierre-François Martin-Laval © JACQUES BOURGUET / TELE STAR

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