Days after his daughter Lily Collins’ wedding in Colorado, Phil Collins appeared in an interview with BBC Breakfast, which aired on September 9. The musician has spoken about his state of health, and the news is not good. Phil Collins has indeed admitted that he was no longer really fit to perform on stage. The 70-year-old singer has appeared diminished several times over the past few years, but today he looks more weakened than ever. “I can barely hold a drumstick in my hand,” he confided as the reporter asked him if he was still able to play the drums. Phil Collins’ health problems have escalated in recent years. In 2009, he had to undergo an operation following a dislocated vertebra, which had caused him loss of sensation in the fingers of the hand. In 2015, the singer underwent spinal surgery this time, before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2017. The same year, he suffered a serious fall in his bathroom, requiring a new operation. In addition to his diabetes and his mobility problems which seem to increase over the years, Phil Collins also suffered from depression as he confided in 2010.

Will Phil Collins resume concerts one day?

You will understand, the singer’s state of health is far from being in good shape. “I am a little physically handicapped”, concedes the artist in his interview with BBC Breakfast before adding about his career: “At the age that I have, to a certain extent, it is the focus. closet. I don’t know if I want to hit the road again. “

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