The hatchet seems far from being buried … Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey live a rupture as stormy as their history was tumultuous. After passing the ring on in July 1999 and having two children, the spouses separated for the first time in 2006, to get back together in 2015, then finally break up definitively. Since the summer of 2020, the actor and his ex-wife have been clashing in a bitter legal battle …

In a recent interview with The Sun, Orianne Cevey gave anecdotes about her relationship with the former singer of Genesis. Without mince words, the 47-year-old businesswoman says Phil Collins drank alcohol all day and only watched the news on television. The singer refused to go outside or see friends. The singer’s wife was sleeping in a separate bedroom from Phil Collins, and she eventually started seeing other men. “It’s difficult. You feel lonely and you feel like you have no one to talk to. I was super sad and super miserable,” she says.

Phil Collins, suffering from “a very hard disease”

Orianne Cevey goes on to say that the now 70-year-old rock legend was neither taking care of himself nor taking care of her. “I felt like I was trapped in a golden cage. When someone is depressed, it’s hard to help them. Even if you love them, why would you want to continue? After years, you do. have enough, ”she adds. “I did my best to help him, to talk to him, to motivate him. But it’s a very hard disease,” she continues, referring to alcoholism. According to Orianne Cevey, the situation quickly deteriorated. She says she is “saddened”, and does not understand how Phil Collins could have fallen into “depression and alcoholism” when “he had everything to be happy”. Last August, Orianne Cevey secretly remarried, saying “yes” to a certain Thomas Bates in Las Vegas.

Phil Collins © Backgrid USA

Phil Collins © Backgrid USA
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