This is a particularly moving scene witnessed by fans of the Genesis group this Saturday, March 26. Gathered for their last concert, the followers of the British rock band could see Phil Collins greet them, despite his pain. The singer with the inimitable vocal signature wanted to stand up, despite the heavy vertebral problems from which he suffers. An effort that was all the more touching as the other members of the group, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, helped him up and supported him to the applause of the crowd. A great way to mark the end of their last tour, the Last Domino Tour, where fans were able to enjoy live performances of the band’s greatest songs.

The ailments of Phil Collins, whose health has deteriorated considerably since 2009, are no longer a secret. The 71-year-old artist revealed to the BBC in September 2021 that he could “barely hold a drumstick” due to vertebral problems caused by years of practice: “My vertebrae crushed my spinal cord due to the position in which I play the drums. […] I can’t even hold the drumsticks properly without it being painful,” he confided, adding that he tied his drumsticks to his hands to be able to play. . A “handicap”, he explained, all the more frustrating as he can no longer share his passion with his son, Nicholas. The interpreter of Against All Odds, also the father of actress Lily Collins, however lost none of his verve, going so far as to whistle Vladimir Putin to his audience. A gesture in support of Ukraine accompanied by insults, which the singer addressed to the head of the Kremlin on March 16, during the Parisian date of the Last Domino Tour, at La Défense Arena.

Phil Collins and Genesis, a double success

The precursor group of progressive rock was formed in 1967, notably with Peter Gabriel on vocals and Tony Banks on piano, who were joined by other London students from various groups. If their first pop-sounding album was a failure, Genesis found its feet in the 1970s, specializing in rock, and welcoming Phil Collins on drums. Multi-instrumentalist, the latter has been playing the instrument since he was 5 years old, and will give voice several times within the group, before launching as a solo singer. Genesis experienced a meteoric rise in the 1980s, with hits such as Follow You Follow Me, from 1978. A success that allowed Phil Collins to begin his solo career, punctuated by flagship titles such as Another Day In Paradise, One More Night, In The Air Tonight and Sussudio. Genesis and the performer, also author and composer, broke many records. Phil Collins has received seven Grammy Awards, an Oscar and two Golden Globes. Genesis is ranked among the thirty best-selling artists and bands in music history. A story that ends in beauty.

Paris last night Thanks to everyone who turned out to see Genesis at @ParisLaDefArena, you were phenomenal Second show tonight!Photos by:@ElectricRoll @siglbakk

— Genesis (@genesis_band) March 17, 2022
Phil Collins © Backgrid USA

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