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Phil Collins in a wheelchair: disturbing new images of the singer

69-year-old Phil Collins is said to be finding it increasingly difficult to move around normally. As he resumed rehearsals with the group Genesis, he was first seen in a wheelchair on October 27, 2020. While he usually used a cane to walk, the cane no longer appears. suffice. The Mirror has published new pictures in which the singer once again needs to be escorted from his chair. The cause of his state of health dates back to 2007, during his tour with his group, during which he was injured in a vertebra, because of his bad posture on stage. While he had had to be operated on several times to try to relieve his pain, nothing would have really worked. A few years ago, he said he suffered a lot when he was playing. “My vertebrae have crushed my spinal cord from the position I’m playing in. I can’t even hold the sticks properly without it being painful.”

In September 2019, a bad fall when he was in full concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, would not have helped his health at all. Since then, with the pictures of him in a wheelchair, the concern is growing. Only, the fans remain hopeful that he is well since Phil Collins has agreed to go back on tour with the group Genesis. First scheduled for the end of 2020, finally the tour was postponed because of the Coronavirus, in April 2021. The series of concerts should begin on April 1 in Glasgow, and end at the end of the month at the O2 Arena in London, from April 27 to 30.

Phil Collins must want to protect his back

In the meantime, Phil Collins rehearses and undoubtedly takes advantage of the wheelchair to move around so as not to put too much strain on his back so that he is in good shape for this series of concerts.

Phil Collins © Action Press

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