At 69, Phil Colins has to face health concerns. The British singer appeared weakened when leaving a recording studio in London on Tuesday, October 27. The star found that day his sidekick from his former band Genesis, Mike Rutherford. British daily The Daily Mail unveils photos of Phil Collins getting out of a vehicle and using a cane to sit on a wheelchair, subsequently escorted by several people. A state of health linked to his recent and multiple back operations, which complicate his movements on foot.

In 2016, Phil Collins had planned his comeback on the music scene, coming out of his artistic retirement. A comeback that was ultimately delayed due to an accident. Already in 2017, Phil Collins had accused a heavy fall in a hotel. One of his spokespersons had posted a long message on Facebook to read, “Phil has difficulty walking due to back surgery. He got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and slipped into his hotel room. His head hit a chair. He was taken to the hospital where he had stitches for a large cut near his eye. ” If his days were not in danger, the singer had to rest. He will end up singing in front of the public of the city of Cologne in Germany.

Back on stage with Genesis

Last March, the members of the group Genesis announced their comeback with Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. On Tuesday October 26, the group announced on Instagram the start of rehearsals of Genesis The Last Domino? Tour, which will start in April 2021.

“The three friends are playing together for the first time since their Turn It On Again tour in 2007”, we can read. On the drums for this new adventure, Phil’s son, Nic, 19 years old. What to give strength to Phil Collins.

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