They have had a tumultuous history and an equally stormy breakup. Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey clash with lawyers to confirm their divorce. Married in 1999 then separated for the first time, they ended up mending in 2015. But this time, the break seems final.

Orianne Cevey remarried, she even made the headlines by squatting the singer’s mansion in Miami surrounded by armed guards. She also spoke about the presumed doubtful hygiene of Phil Collins, information immediately denied by the singer. Phil Collins finally managed to get his ex-wife deported but she seems resentful.

Orianne sells off Phil Collins’ business

This time, she decided to get rid of all of Phil Collins’ belongings in her possession and not just any. In conjunction with the Kodner Galleries, it would auction gold records and other types of rewards for just $ 100 as a starting bid.

Phil Collins’ ex-wife is also parting ways with several Chanel bags, clothing, diamond jewelry and a stamp collection. Business, which according to his own admission, no longer brings him happiness. “She’s moving to a smaller house so she sells the things she doesn’t wear anymore, after all she has 5000 pairs of shoes and only has two feet. She can’t wear them all!” his representatives told Page Six. 10% of the profits will be donated to a Foundation.

Phil Collins and his ex-wife © Action Press

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