While Phil Collins suffers from health problems – due to back problems, he is said to have difficulty moving around normally and was seen in a wheelchair last October – his ex-wife has added fuel to the fire in suing the latter to recover half the price of the marital home, estimated at 40 million dollars. Married in 1999 then divorced in 2006 before putting the cover back in 2016 to finally separate (once and for all?) This year, Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey do not seem ready to bury the hatchet. And for good reason, after a break up in August a little chaotic – she would have suddenly broken up with the singer “by text” before marrying in the wake of her new lover, a musician in his thirties – Orianne Cevey had sunk much ink by moving, against the will of Phil Collins, in the house of the singer with her new husband last October. Refusing to leave the premises, the couple had even called on the services of armed guards to prevent unwanted people from coming to dislodge them. Finally, the two exes ended up reaching an agreement, and Orianne Cevey must leave the place with her husband by mid-January. They still have to settle their financial dispute over the shares affected on the sale of the house. Belligerent, Orianne Cevey does not hesitate to attack her ex-husband on stories weakly related to the division of property, such as the latter’s personal hygiene. In legal documents cited by the media Le Matin, she accuses Phil Collins of having lived in recluse from 2019 to 2020, refusing to shower and brush his teeth for nearly a year. “Philip’s scent became so strong that he became a hermit, refusing to personally interact with anyone,” the statements report.

“These statements are false and scandalous”

The lawyers of the singer of Easy Lover have, for their part, refuted these accusations, deeming them “false and scandalous (…) revealed in the media to harm Phil Collins in order to extort money from him.” In addition, Orianne Cevey also accused her ex-husband of being addicted to painkillers. Where does the false begin, where does the true end? Hard to know, but this dark story does not seem ready to be over.

Phil Collins and his partner Orianne Collins. © Backgrid USA

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