A news that struck down Phil Collins. Orianne Cevey, the ex-wife of the Genesis singer, decided to get in a relationship with an escort-boy found on a dating site while she was still living at the home of the British star. Worse still: the two lovebirds decided to marry in secret very soon after. And as if that were not enough, Orianne Cevey decided to install her new companion in the home of Phil Collins while the latter was on tour in Europe.

Made aware of all these terrible adventures, the 71-year-old musician was totally mad with rage. Upon returning from his tour, he directly launched a lawsuit to kick them out of his $40 million Miami home. Since ? Orianne Cevey and escort Thomas Bates (32) have decided to divorce. But it’s no surprise to anyone: when it comes to money, divorces never go as planned.

Orianne Cevey threatened her new husband to cut off her genitals

Here is what the official papers say: “At the time the parties met, the husband was employed by an escort service. The wife chose the husband through the escort service and insisted on dating him The parties’ relationship soon evolved into a meaningful romantic relationship. The wife persuaded the husband to leave the escort service to marry her.” Thus, Orianne Cevey offered her new companion, more than 75,000 dollars of luxury clothes, as well as an Aston Martin estimated at more than 300,000 dollars.

But Bates claimed in court papers that Cevey threatened to cut off his genitals after they divorced. The documents state that “the wife, who has a fierce temper, threatened the husband with bodily harm when he demanded her clothes and personal belongings. On one occasion, the husband had to shout for the wife to housekeeper helps him out of the house to avoid aggression from the wife. The husband voluntarily left the marital residence for his safety”. No, their court case is not over yet.

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