It is a matter that fascinates viewers. Almost two months after the lifting of its supervision, Canal + broadcast a documentary on the Britney Spears affair on Monday, January 3. Entitled The Battle for Britney: fans, cash and guardianship, we discover in particular the very large weekly salary that the lawyer imposed by his father received, while the blogger Perez Hilton, who had harassed the singer on his blog, presents his apologies.

In the documentary, we also find Catherine Falk, one of the two daughters of actor Peter Falk, known worldwide for his role of Inspector Columbo, and who died in 2011 of Alzheimer’s disease. Two years before his death, the actor was placed at the age of 81 under the guardianship of his wife Shera Danese. This decision went against the request of Catherine Falk who wanted, in 2008, to be appointed curator of her father to protect him “from harmful influences”. She had finally given up and had requested his placement under guardianship, without success.

Catherine Falk thus evokes her mother-in-law, who had married Peter Falk in 1977, and who was one of these “harmful influences”. “He was terrified of having Alzheimer’s because his father died from an early form of the disease. And it was hereditary”, she explains, before adding: “As I got older, he no longer knew who he was or what he was doing and that scared him “. And Catherine Falk has very bad memories of the one who shared her father’s life at that time: “My father was married to his second wife. She didn’t love us. We weren’t even allowed to enter their home. if she was present when we were children. “

Catherine Falk: “She began to take care of everything and isolate it from others”

This relationship deteriorated further after Alzheimer’s disease began to affect Peter Falk. “When he got older, and the disease progressed, she started to take care of everything and isolate him from others. My sister and I were put aside,” says the actor’s daughter. , who also remembers calls made to her father, to which Shera Danese reportedly replied that he “didn’t care about her and didn’t want to talk to her”. A forced distancing which particularly worried the young woman: “I just remember having panicked, I wondered if I was going to see my father again one day”. Finally, Catherine Falk was authorized by the court to visit her father every two months in 2009, following the latter’s placement under guardianship.

Peter Falk © JLPPA

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