In 2008, the first rumors about his errors appeared on the Web. Three years later, Peter Falk died of pneumonia at the age of 83. His end of life was not happy since he also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease to the point where the ex-interpreter of Inspector Columbo no longer recognized his relatives and had become “more and more unmanageable. “according to TV Mag. Supported by nurses, he had tried to run away on several occasions before being found wandering the streets of Beverly Hills. In April 2008, a TMZ paparazzi eventually caught him in a daze on his way to his bank. He ignored the cars passing him at full speed.

Undergoing hip surgery a few months later, Peter Falk was increasingly weakened. “He doesn’t even remember his most famous role! He doesn’t remember being Inspector Columbo,” his doctor said. Around him, a war was looming. To protect him, his wife Shera had hidden his illness from the public, also forbidding his two daughters Catherine and Jackie from visiting him. At the end of 2008, they had launched legal proceedings. Catherine Falk had asked for custody of her father and then control of his fortune.

A verdict in 2009

Shera Danese and her daughter-in-law scolded each other in the media as Peter Falk sank further into the disease. Accused of only wanting the inheritance of her father, Catherine Falk admits to having a conflictual relationship with the star since her refusal to pay part of her higher education. The verdict was rendered on June 2, 2009: Shera Danese was appointed attorney-at-law of Peter Falk, Catherine Falk was granted visitation rights of thirty minutes every two months. In 2016, the young woman defended a bill in Colorado, named after the actor, allowing families to see their loved ones when they are incapacitated and in the event that they are in custody. a tutor.


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