This pregnant woman did not know that her delivery would end in tragedy… A few months ago, a resident of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was welcomed at the da Mulher maternity hospital in São João de Meriti to give birth to her baby. There, she was taken care of by an anesthesiologist. As required by the procedure, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra isolated himself with her in a room in order to give her medication before her cesarean section. What he didn’t know was that co-workers watched everything he did through a camera. Become suspicious by seeing the large dose of anesthesia he injected into his patients, other doctors decided to monitor the 32-year-old doctor, as reported by the Globo media.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra reportedly performed two more surgeries before this delivery, but his medical team struggled to install a hidden camera to find out what he was doing. She then managed to change operating theaters at the last minute for her third operation of the day and set up a secret camera. When they retrieved the device, they discovered the unthinkable as in the shocking footage, the anesthetist was putting his penis in the unconscious woman’s mouth. As described by the Brazilian media, she was lying on the operating bed as the hospital’s surgical team began the cesarean section. On the other side of the operating drape – less than a meter from his colleagues – Giovanni Quintella Bezerra sexually assaulted her for almost 10 minutes.

He was stopped

The Rio de Janeiro State Health Foundation and the Secretary of State for Health said: “We inform you that an internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures. The team at the hospital da Mulher gives full support to the victim and his family. This behavior constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.” The anesthesiologist was arrested on suspicion of rape by the police shortly after the opening of an investigation. Now they are trying to find other potential victims of the doctor. “We must underline the performance of the medical team and the exemplary health professionals who noticed the movement of the doctor’s body, explained police officer Barbara Lomb. They saved women.”

Pervert ! Anesthetist commits assault during caesarean section

Sexually assaulted pregnant woman © Pexels

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