Internet users will now think twice before barging into Lexi’s posts. At 20 years old, the daughter of David Bowie does not give way. And she is right. This Wednesday, February 24, the young woman posted a nice photo of her in a brown lingerie that suited her perfectly. Quickly, Lexi received a very vulgar message from one of her subscribers, who found her “very horny today”. Annoyed by this intrusion, David Bowie’s daughter decided to take revenge … and display it by posting this message in an Instagram story. The opportunity for her to deliver a moving testimony. “It feels good to love my body after years of hate and disrespect,” began the young woman, touched by this comment.

“No shame in loving how I look in my cowboy swimsuit, but too bad you can turn it into something so kinky and vulgar,” Lexi continued before addressing the surfer directly. in question: “It’s stupid and sad that there are people like you. Fuck yourself”. Born in 2000, Alexandria Zahra Jones has quite a character. And she’s got a hold of her, since she’s the daughter of David Bowie and Iman. Since the death of her dad, struck down by cancer, she regularly pays tribute to him. She has also had her arm tattooed in tribute to the singer whom she considers to be her star who watches over her. She chose to take her father’s real last name, David Jones, rather than borrowing his stage name.

Lexi: only 20 years old and already nostalgic

On February 15, the artist took to his Instagram account to discuss his life as a young adult. With a lot of nostalgia. “Time flies really fast. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great being a ‘young adult.’ I thought people telling me that were nuts because they didn’t want to grow up. I was wrong and I won’t think so anymore as I get older if I don’t take advantage of being young now, Lexi wrote on her Instagram account. Glad to have realized it as soon as possible. So yes, if you’re 17 or under, LOVE and enjoy your beautiful teenage years while you are at it. ” It must be said that like many young people, these last months have not been easy for the young woman, distant from her friends and relatives because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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