Les Petits Prödiges: why we love their cleansing powder

Let it be said, there are 1001 products on the market to clean your pretty face. For dry skin, for acne-prone skin, for sensitive skin… There is something for everyone. But if you are looking for a clean and green cleaner, things tend to get complicated. This is why Camille and Clémentine, the two founders of the Les Petits Prödiges brand, wanted to create an innovative, 100% natural product that would suit everyone. With a short and intelligible formulation of only 6 active ingredients, the cleansing powder is the product that we will soon no longer be able to do without to gently eliminate impurities, without drying out or irritating the skin. Anhydrous and therefore very concentrated in active ingredient, the flagship ingredient of this powder remains ultra-fine organic rice powder. Used for centuries in Asia for its gentleness, it allows a light exfoliation that smoothes the skin texture, removes dead skin and unclogs pores without causing irritation. Another strong point of this product? The absence of added preservative, which makes it the ideal cleanser for all skin types, even intolerant, sensitive or allergic. As effective as it is economical, a 25g recyclable aluminum bottle is equivalent to 60 uses! And for even more sensoriality, find the powder in two delicious flavors: cotton flower and coconut.

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Powder cleanser: how to use it in your double cleansing routine?

Double cleansing, a very popular technique for gently purifying, is the key step in our routine to achieve beautiful skin. As its name suggests, it takes place in two stages. The first consists of eliminating make-up, sebum and pollution with a make-up remover balm (such as Les Petits Prödiges multi-use balm) by massaging the face before removing the excess with a moistened cotton pad (preferably reusable). In order to dissolve the greasy film and stubborn impurities, we proceed to the second step with the powder cleanser. Pour half a teaspoon in the palm of your hand, then add a few drops of water to create a foam that will be massaged in circular motions on the face. Rinse off and proceed with your usual moisturizing care. Admire your healthy glowing skin!

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