Penelope Cruz: her beautiful tribute to her deceased mother-in-law Pilar Bardem

The Bardem family is in mourning. On July 17, Javier Bardem announced the death of his mother Pilar at the age of 82. Depicted as “an example” by her three children, it turns out that this disappearance also touches Penelope Cruz closely. Because in addition to being the wife of Javier Bardem, she especially had a great admiration for this Spanish actress very popular in her country of origin. “I look at this photo and wonder what would have been our reaction if someone had told us at the time that fate had wonderful plans to unite us beyond the cinema”, wrote the actress to the attention of his mother-in-law, in the caption of a snapshot taken from In flesh and bone, a film by Pedro Almodovar in which they gave each other the answer.

At that time, in 1997, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem did not yet know this strong love story that unites them today. “You have always been so good to me! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better mother-in-law”, confided the actress, adding a “thank you for all the love” that Pilar Bardem gave to her “children, grandchildren, and all [his] family and [his] friends. ” “You have given me so much. Thank you for always standing on the side of those who needed it most. For raising your voice in the face of injustice, […] to improve the living conditions of the most destitute, without ever expecting anything in return, ”she added.

Who was Pilar Bardem?

If Penelope Cruz recalls the personal commitments of Pilar Bardem, in particular his political actions, she who campaigned for women’s rights, opposed the 2004 war in Iraq and was committed to the Izquierda Unida, a coalition of left, she specifies that in the cinema, the mother of Javier Bardem has also done a lot. “It should not be forgotten that in our profession, many things have improved thanks to your great effort over the years, without giving up at any time. You are admirable. Thank you for sharing with me all these years your wisdom and your humor! “, added Penelope Cruz, before concluding:” I love you very much. I keep for eternity in my heart. Thank you Pilar “.

Penelope Cruz and Pilar Bardem © GTRES

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