Paul Pogba: who is his wife Maria Zulay?

In 2018, during the FIFA World Cup in Russia, cameras and photographers were turned towards the players on the pitch, and their wives in the stands. Among the regulars, Marine Lloris, Jennifer Giroud, Erika Choperena, but also a little news: Maria Zulay. The sparkling blonde was then enthroned in the middle of the relatives of Paul Pogba and was presented as the new companion of the footballer. Spotted a month earlier at his side during a party for the launch of a pair of shoes, it was in 2017 that the player and the young woman met during a vacation in Miami. And since then, it is the great love.

Because almost three years after the world football, Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay formalized their relationship, and even started a family. Married for three years now, the couple have two children, a son named Labile Shakur, born in January 2019, as well as a second little boy, whose first name and date of birth are still unknown, the young mother having simply unveiled a snapshot of him to reveal her birth, while she had kept her pregnancy a secret. Born in 1995 in Bolivia, Maria Zulay is very active on social networks where she reveals her life as a footballer’s wife, but also as a mother.

Maria Zulay, Miami real estate agent and model

A real fashionista, the young woman, long discreet on social networks, now makes her Instagram account a sort of directory of her favorite looks, she who has done modeling in parallel with her work as a real estate agent when she based in Miami. It was after studying business administration in her native country that Maria Zulay headed for the United States where she met Paul Pogba, whom she followed to Manchester, where he has been playing for several years. seasons. And according to her Instagram account, she doesn’t get bored when her husband is in the field.

Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay © Instagram

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