Patrice Laffont has agreed to open his heart in the Télé-Loisirs podcast, Parents first, on Tuesday January 11, 2022. Father of three children, he made a few confidences about the father he is and his many regrets. Between his two eldest and his youngest, he could not do the same things while his professional situation was not the same. “The situation was quite different between what I was for Fabrice and Axelle and for Mathilde, who have a big age difference. ‘admit, that. I was very busy, I left in the morning relatively early and I returned late at night. I did not help them much, I did not really educate them. But, on the other hand, I’ was a happy, loving and entertaining dad (…) I think I was not a terrible dad at that time, “he confided with a heavy heart.

If Patrice Laffont was able to share more moments with his daughter Mathilde, who was born when he was already over fifty years old and with a well-defined career, he still assured that he had never made any difference between his children. “I’ve always been there in hard times, they’ve had them. Daddy was always there (…) If there’s one thing that’s important and I can help them, they recognize I’ve always been there “, he said.

Patrice Laffont asked his children for forgiveness

At the end of the podcast, the TV host had a very touching message to his three children. “I would like them to keep the image of a man who did not hurt anyone and especially not them. I ask their forgiveness if I was not a father as present and attentive as I was. could have been (…) I think we have a lot in common. We play a lot, I was a game presenter and, in life, we play a lot of games, it brings us together. would like them to continue playing without me … “

Patrice Laffont © OLIVIER BORDE

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