Patrice Evra waited 40 years to dare to break the silence and reveal having been sexually assaulted when he was a teenager. He was on the airwaves of France Inter, Tuesday January 11, 2022, to promote his book, I Love This Game, in which he recounted his terrible trauma. Once again he assured that his alleged attacker was the principal of his college. When he was 13, he then offered to host him three nights a week to save him endless back and forth trips between his town of Ulis (Essone) and his new school. If Patrice Evra preferred to remain silent for very long years, it is because he was not ready. Besides, he didn’t want to cry. He was brought up with this principle: a strong man does not cry. “It was your closeness who told you that: crying is weak”, allowed Léa Salamé to intervene.

“Yes absolutely”, replied Patrice Evra before assuring that it was however false since crying allows his emotions to be released. Only today, he felt the need to break out of the silence to help other children who find themselves in the same situation as him. “I don’t want to be the savior either. I just want people to understand that when you’re in this situation, you have to speak up when you feel ready,” he said again.

Patrice Evra does not consider himself to be brave

At the same time, the former football player assured that it was not a question of courage. “It’s all about being ready and speaking at the right time. I don’t want people to tell me I’m brave. It’s not true. I just felt it was the right time. , for me, to talk about it. ” He was able to count on the support of his wife to empty his bag.

Patrice Evra © CYRIL MOREAU

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