In a post shared on Reddit, a 29-year-old woman came to ask Internet users for advice. The reason ? Her husband, a 44-year-old pastor, wants her to help raise the child he had with his mistress. For more context, the 20-something clarified that they met at church when she moved to start a new career. They have been together for five years and married for two. Today, she finds herself in a very delicate position. “He tearfully confessed to me that he had an affair with one of our community members. That this 34-year-old woman, pregnant with twins, gave birth. She and one of the babies died while the other is in intensive care,” she said.

Distraught, the young woman confessed to her husband that she was not sure of being able to assume this role of “surrogate mother”. The latter did not want to hear anything: “He told me that I had made him a solemn promise by marrying him and that God had blessed us with a child. That it was our cross to bear and that God would not would ever give us something we couldn’t bear.” Annoyed, the twenty-something replied that the Lord had indeed given more than what the mistress had been able to bear since she was dead. “I know I shouldn’t have said that, but I had no more clear ideas. He slapped me and said that I had to serve my husband. That God had chosen me as the mother of this child and that I was to be his humble servant.”

The attitude of the pastor husband strongly criticized

The young woman explained that she blamed herself for not wanting this child, knowing that she was sterile. Annoyed, she now hesitates to leave her companion: “I’m 29, I can start from scratch. I work remotely so I can wait for him to go to the hospital, pack my bags and leave.” A testimony that aroused strong reactions among Internet users. Many of them pointed to the abusive behavior of the pastor husband, while inviting the twenty-something to divorce. “What a hypocrite! If the mistress had not died, would he have mentioned his second family to his wife?”, “Go, go, go. You cannot trust this man. You are in no way forced to be the mother of the baby of his lover“, we could read in the comments.

Pastor, her husband asks her to raise the child he had with his mistress


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