At 54 years old, Pascal Elbé is a heart to take! On the occasion of the release of the film We are made to agree, it is in an interview with Madame Figaro that the actor agreed to discuss his desires. “I would like to find a place near the sea where I can settle six months out of the year. And quickly imagine a new story to tell. And why not share this happiness with someone …”, he said. he rocks. Asked what kind of lover he is, the actor said, “I think I’m attentive but not passionate. Passion is inherently destructive, right? To avoid that, I prefer a relationship based on the balance, sharing, dialogue, all the same with a form of intensity. ” Knowing full well what kind of woman he is looking for, Pascal Elbé clarified: “I ask the other to be able to be fifteen in his head, like me, and it is not easy to find … But I like to think that my best love stories are the ones to come. “

In 2016, it was in the columns of Paris Capitale that Pascal Elbé had confided in his break with Béatrice: “Our story lasted twenty-two years and ended two years ago. Our son, Léo, is now 14 and lives with me every other week. ” While he had struggled to recover from their breakup, he explained: “Mourning in love is the most difficult thing to experience in the world. You feel helpless, helpless. It did not happen immediately. obvious. The men having learned neither to cry nor to cook … At the same time, I find a certain levity that I had lost. my mother, I went this summer for two weeks to the Olympic Games in Rio, with my brother for escapades that the couple’s enchanted parenthesis does not allow us … “

Pascal Elbé: “I accompany myself very well!”

If the actor hopes to find love again, he lives his celibacy very well. For Paris Capitale, he had indeed assured: “Whatever happens, I love going home around 4 p.m. to read or watch a movie. I don’t have the Sunday night blues at all. I dine alone and I accompany me very well! “


Lara T.
Lara T.

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