The facts date back to February 13, 2018. A young woman hands her husband a glass of port. The latter does not know it yet but in the drink is a lethal cocktail based on drugs. He will drink a few sips and would have launched: “Didn’t you do that to me anyway?”. The mother-of-two will then guide her companion to a seat and suffocate him by pinching his nose and keeping his jaw shut. This Tuesday, February 28, this thirty-something appears before the Assize Court of Pas-de-Calais in Saint-Omer. Detained since the facts, she is accused of murder.

When she is arrested, the young woman will initially indicate that her companion had committed suicide. Indeed, the firefighters are called the next day for a “suspicion of suicide by drugs”. They will discover the body of Bruno Benedit, sitting on a chair in the dining room, the skin cyanotic on the level of the face and the blue hands. The gendarmes are called and find that several boxes of medicine are placed next to him, as well as the bottle of port. The young woman will not seem distraught when told that her companion has died.

“I punctured him or maybe he’s sleeping”

As the investigation continues, the police discover that the call received by the firefighters is from his father-in-law’s phone. On the evening of the murder, his daughter arrived at his home, telling him that she had killed her companion. She would have confided to him that she could no longer bear her companion’s alcoholism. The younger sister of the respondent, present at the family home, confirms indicating that Jennifer said laughing: “I punctured him or maybe he is sleeping”. The young woman is accused of having prepared her coup. “Medical expertise and findings have corroborated Jennifer D.’s confessions and have established that the latter killed her spouse on the evening of February 13, 2018 after having premeditated her action throughout the day”.

Pas-de-Calais: "Didn't you do that to me?", she poisons her companion's bottle

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