What if it was murder? Catherine, a 46-year-old businesswoman and mother who resided in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, began to complain of severe headaches and overwhelming fatigue during the fall of 2022. le Parisien, the latter was finally admitted to the Salpêtrière hospital on October 15, where her condition gradually deteriorated without the doctors being able to define the cause of the illness which overwhelmed her, despite examinations pushed. Curious fact: while Catherine’s vital prognosis is engaged, the hospital receives many emails from her ex-companion, who insists that the doctors look into the trail of mercury poisoning. . If the man seems convinced by this hypothesis, the caregivers are more reserved, because of Catherine’s daily life which excludes the probability of contact with toxic products, but also because nothing suggests, by observing the state of the latter, mercury poisoning.

Forced to see that the care given to their patient is of no effect, the doctors end up carrying out a toxicological analysis on the hair of the latter. The results are clear: Catherine has an abnormally high level of mercury in the body, so important that it can only have been ingested in large quantities by the patient, over a period of several months. The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, alerted by the hospital, then took over the investigation, but for Catherine, it was too late: the mother of the family died as a result of her poisoning on January 19.

PARISIAN INFO | Hafid B., suspected of being the author of a feminicide on his ex-companion Catherine, poisoned with mercury, was referred this Friday to the Paris court for an indictment pic.twitter.com/ iB1cz25AbT

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Strange finds at suspect’s home

Five days later, the criminal police arrest the former companion of the latter, father of their two daughters, in the accommodation he shared with Catherine before their separation. The search of the apartment results in strange discoveries, starting with a dead cat in the refrigerator, as well as two empty bottles bearing the inscription Methylmercury, namely the generic name of the organic compound of Mercury. According to information from Le Parisien, the suspect, aged 50 and from Moselle, was indicted for “premeditated poisoning”, then imprisoned on January 26.

Paris: the suspicious death of a woman leads to a frightening lead

Suffering from terrible headaches, Catherine was admitted to hospital on October 15, 2022 © Camilo Jimenez – Unsplash

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