Paris Hilton: sextape, violence… She evokes without filter her young years

On September 14, Paris Hilton will broadcast on her YouTube channel her documentary This is Paris, a testimony that she needed to tell for herself, for and by herself in order to no longer have to play a character. “I’m not who you think I am” she told Public “I played a character for so long in front of cameras and cameras that I didn’t really know who the real Paris Hilton was.”

The real Paris Hilton, whose life is much envied around the world, is not, however, only parties and glossy paper. Young, her parents “very strict” put her in boarding school with good intentions, she said, but said that she “lived through hell. I was yelled at. The objective was clear: to break me!” A harassment which causes him panic attacks and daily tears of which it “took him years to heal the wounds”. She confides that the making of the documentary allows her “to bury the nightmares of her adolescence”.

“Electronically raped”

In the United States, where the majority is fixed at 21, Paris Hilton has been demonized for having been filmed at the age of 18 by her first boyfriend in a moment of intimacy. A video that was then broadcast on the internet and viewed around the world. “It was like being raped electronically,” she says in her documentary in which she begins by describing years of abusive relationships that led to this sexual assault. “It was my first real relationship, I was 18, I was so in love with him and I wanted to make him happy. I just remember he took out the camera” she says and says she s felt “forced” to do this sextape with Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson’s ex. Now aged 39, she returns to this traumatic episode with Public declaring that she regrets having “trusted the wrong person” and takes advantage of her influence to remind that “you never know what will happen. pass, that people change and that some guys are not good men ”.

Paris Hilton © Backgrid

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