In a video published in October 2022 by the New York Times, Paris Hilton revealed that she had been the victim of rape during her adolescence, while she was educated in a boarding school in Provo (Utah), supposed to put the children “on the right track” . “Late at night, around three or four in the morning, we were taken, me and other girls, in this room and made us pass false medical examinations, remembered the wealthy heiress. They put their fingers to inside of us. I didn’t really know what they were doing, but they were clearly not doctors.” A chilling testimony that she had delivered to “protect other innocent children”.

In a new interview published in the American version of Glamour, Paris Hilton confides that she was raped at the age of 15 when she lived with her maternal grandmother in Palm Springs. Her attacker, an elderly man met in the mall where she went with her friends “almost every weekend”, would have invited her to a house with other individuals. The teenager, who was not drinking at the time, was then allegedly forced to quench her thirst with an alcoholic drink. “After maybe a sip or two, I immediately started feeling dizzy and faint,” Paris Hilton says. “I don’t know what he put in it; I guess it was Rohypnol [a powerful sleep aid].” She would wake up a few hours later with horrible images in her head.

Paris Hilton: ‘My childhood was stolen’

Paris Hilton keeps a precise memory of the hours that followed her arrival at the home of her attacker, despite the sleeping pills she was made to swallow. “I have images of him on top of me, covering my mouth and saying ‘You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming’, and whispering that in my ear.” A nightmare that occurred two years before she entered the institute in Provo, where she claims to have been drugged there too. “I was just a little girl. I feel like my childhood was stolen from me,” adds the young mother of a baby born by GPA. “I’m so afraid […] of finding myself in a doctor’s office, of all that, the injections, the infusions …”, explains Paris Hilton, caught between a trauma of youth still alive and her deep desire to start a family.

Paris Hilton raped at 15: she gives appalling details about her first sexual experience

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