Paris Hilton: her heartbreaking confidences 17 years after her sextape

It’s a video that helped build her notoriety but had disastrous fallout for her mental health. In 2004, while she was filming her reality TV The Simple Life, Paris Hilton was unpleasantly surprised to discover that her sextape filmed in 2001 with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was unveiled on the Internet. by the latter, without his consent. If she subsequently built a real empire from her own image, the now 40-year-old star still believes she is suffering from this video which triggered a media coverage she did not expect, and even talks about ‘a “humiliation” which caused her post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It was a private experience between two people,” she said in the columns of Vanity Fair. “When your trust is betrayed like that and the whole world is looking at you and laughing […]. The way they talked about me in the media, seeing these things in the company of my family, it was just heartbreaking,” deplores Paris Hilton, 17 years later. A video viewed thousands of times, which triggered mockery, criticism, but also violent attacks that she cannot forget. “It’s still there, at the back of my mind,” she explains, as she recently started to become a mom.

Paris Hilton abused during her teenage years

After the broadcast of her sextape, Paris Hilton, who recently became the new face of the Lanvin fashion house, settled this case out of court, asking for damages from Rick Salomon. Half of the amount negotiated was then donated to charity, while the star recently engaged to Carter Reum continues to open up about the tough times she’s been through in her life. Because contrary to what one imagines, the life of the heiress has not always been rosy, as she explained in the documentary This is Paris, where she reported having been the victim of violence when she was a boarder at the Provo Canyon School.

Paris Hilton © Backgrid USA

Paris Hilton © Backgrid USA
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