False weapons but real fear. This Monday evening, May 22, the customers of a restaurant located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris feared for their lives for a very specific reason, as reported by our colleagues from Parisian. Around 11 p.m., a beggar came to the kosher restaurant specializing in grilled meats to ask for money from people still at the table. Faced with consecutive refusals from customers, the man then begins to rummage through his backpack to pull out a grenade which he unpins, then shows that he is carrying a firearm before repeating his demands.

When one of the customers decided to give him some money and still according to the Parisian, the man would have replied: “If we have to come to that to give me some money…” before talk about the need for weapons to raise money and the very limited human generosity. Having collected a little money, the man then left the restaurant under the astonished eyes of the customers. The owner of the establishment hastened to notify the police and provide a report to the police who, despite their patrols, did not find the man carrying a grenade. However, the beggar still ended up being arrested without resistance since he returned, on his own, to the same restaurant around 11:40 p.m.

Both guns were fake

Still on the spot and after having established a security perimeter, the police were then able to arrest him and found, in his backpack, a grenade and a firearm. Summoned to the scene, technicians from the police’s central laboratory were able to examine the beggar’s weapons and declare that they were fake weapons. Neither the grenade nor the gun were real. The man was taken into custody at the 19th arrondissement police station for extortion with a weapon.

Paris: he begs in a restaurant using an object that literally terrifies customers and staff

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Maria T.
Maria T.

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