They leave behind four young children… On Sunday January 30, 2022, Rebecca van Uitert and Jason Howell, both 44, died in a traffic accident that killed three people. Authorities said the accident happened after a Toyota traveling in the opposite direction crossed the dive line of the road, hitting the couple’s car head-on. Police said an investigation into a negligent homicide is ongoing, but potential causes of the collision have yet to be determined. At the time of the collision, the couple’s four children were with their grandparents in Utah. On the mother’s Facebook page, it said: “We are devastated to lose Becca and Jason and words cannot describe the grief we feel.”

On the website of the law firm Fragomen, where Rebecca van Uitert worked, her colleagues shared in a statement: “Becca was a talented lawyer who was dedicated to her work, her team and her clients.” In addition to her professional achievements, the young woman was remembered as a “devoted wife and mother of four exceptional children.” Concluding, it was added, “Those who were fortunate enough to know her and work closely with her will remember her incredible kindness and tremendous leadership. Everything Becca did was done with determination, grace and warmth. We miss her deeply and we will think of her with love.”

Rebecca van Uitert and Jason Howell were highly regarded

BYU Law School also wanted to pay tribute to the couple. In a statement, the school dean wrote: “I know that many of you will feel, as I do, an almost incomprehensible sense of loss that people who were such a big part of our lives and who did so much good in the world can be taken so young.” Intermountain Healthcare executives said, “Dr. Howell was a beloved friend, physician and leader of the medical staff. His compassion and welcoming attitude endeared him to patients and fellow caregivers.”

Although memorial plans have yet to be revealed, a friend of the couple said they will be compiling a book of memories, letters and thoughts. “Jason and Becca’s sphere of influence was wide, and we want their families to know how many lives they touched,” he wrote before adding that he wanted their four children to be able to read at what how exceptional their parents were.

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