Josh Asbury, a 9-year-old boy from Worcestershire, was infected with the coronavirus in September. As a result of this infection, Josh suffered from fatigue and lack of appetite. Which prompted her parents, Andy and Heather, to take her to her local GP. The latter sent him home, telling the parents that it is probably the after-effects of the virus. But the little boy started to complain of back pain under his left shoulder blade. The GP discovered the presence of air pockets in his lungs.

Josh’s condition has not improved and last November he was rushed to hospital because he could no longer breathe normally. “Doctors at Birmingham Children’s Hospital found he had a collapsed lung,” the Mirror reports. It was during the operation for the collapsed lung that doctors discovered an unusual growth that turned out to be a sign of cancer. “The tests revealed that he had T-lymphoblastic leukemia / lymphoma and he was immediately subjected to aggressive chemotherapy,” confirms Mirror magazine.

Without the Covid, his cancer would not have been detected

“We will never know for sure if it was Covid that hastened his diagnosis, but some people say that, in a way, Covid saved his life” Andy, Josh’s father, he said . No one knows whether Josh’s collapsed lung was caused by Covid or not. “But if this virus had not existed, the cancer might not have been discovered,” he added. Josh’s aggressive chemotherapy began on November 20, and is due to continue until 2025. The mass on his chest measured 12 cm, according to his father. “Fortunately, she started to shrink and responded very well to the treatment – she is now 50% of what she was,” says the father.

Josh Asbury © The Mirror

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