It’s a small bump that has turned the life of an Australian family upside down. Cong and Trang Tran are the parents of Chandler (eight) and Carson (6). Their eldest was a little boy full of life, passionate about LEGO, Transformers, Pokemon or even Star Wars. However, he experienced a veritable descent into hell after the appearance of a bump on his leg, as reported by 7 News in an article published on Monday, November 21.

Cong Tran said he noticed his son started limping and suddenly a small bump appeared just below his kneecap. “It was probably about the size of a pea, but it was quite firm,” he recalled. After an X-ray revealed nothing suspicious, Cong and Trang Tan decided to take their son for an MRI before the terrible diagnosis came. Indeed, the father of the family confided: “They called us back – it was May 4th, the day of the star wars, so I remember it – ‘Listen, we have the results of everything… your son has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma'”. Terrible news since osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer.

The little boy was amputated, but his cancer spread

In an attempt to save their son, Cong and Trang Tran agreed to have Chandler amputated. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough and her cancer continued to spread, in her lungs. “His lung was half full of fluid and the tumors had increased in size and number,” the boy’s father said. After six months in the hospital, doctors were forced to tell the family that there was no longer any possibility of saving Chandler.

Finally, the Australian family decided to stop Chandler’s chemotherapy so that he could end his life with his family. “We’re just so happy to see him home and not see him hurt. This is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen our normal Chandler again,” his dad revealed. Now, the little boy’s family hopes he can at least spend one last Christmas with them and build as much LEGO as possible.

Parents notice a disturbing detail on their little boy's leg, the diagnosis is final

Child © Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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