Parents arrested for murder 28 years after their son went missing

On December 28, 1992, a young man named Steven Clark was missing. The young man had vanished after going to a public toilet, on a family trip, to the sea. At the time, Steven Clark was 23 years old. He has never been seen coming out of a men’s washroom in the sea-side town of Saltburn in North Yorkshire. Steven Clark never returned to the nearby family home in Marske-by-the-Sea.

His parents Doris and Charles were arrested on suspicion of murder, as part of an investigation into an unsolved case, as reported by the Mirror. On Wednesday September 16, the parent couple was arrested by the police, 28 years after the disappearance of their sons. Doris, 81, and Charles, 78, went to Kirkleatham Police Station in Teesside for questioning. Then, the couple were released on bail. “We spent 28 years wondering what the hell happened to them. So to come to this, it’s a complete nightmare,” Doris Clark told the tabloid. “We keep looking for him. It’s a total mystery. Nothing has changed. We don’t even know if he’s in this country, alive or dead,” added Charles Clark.

The two parents returned on the evening of Wednesday September 16, after answering questions from the police, and were released until October 12. “Steven has been missing for 28 years,” Chief Police Investigator Shaun Page said. “There is no evidence that he is still alive, we believe Steven may have put himself in danger. The arrests are a significant step forward, but we are still appealing to the public for help,” a- he added. The investigation is still ongoing.

A couple of parents have been arrested © Pixabay

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