She was just a baby when she suffered a stroke. At 22 months, Chiara Beer, who lives in Winchester, saw her very young life rock, her stroke having left her with lasting effects and a lifelong disability.

Now 27, the young woman who now lives with right-sided hemiplegia, unable to read and write, is sharing her life online hoping, by this gesture, to inspire other people who are also victims of stroke or injured.

Adapt your life to your injuries

Chiara had no choice, she had to build herself and adapt her life to the injuries resulting from her stroke. She was just 22 months old when her stroke left her paralyzed on her right side, completely losing the use of her arm. “I don’t really have any movement with my right arm. I tend to do everything with one hand,” Chiara told the Mirror newspaper. Another consequence of her stroke, Chiara, suffering from acquired dyslexia, is unable to read or write. Growing up, the young woman realized that there were very few resources or information for young stroke survivors. Unable to find another person with similar issues, Chiara decided to share content on YouTube and Instagram.

Uncover the daily

“On my Instagram account, I received lots of questions such as how I did my hair with one hand and other things like that” she explained to justify her editorial line. Determined, the young woman begins to post videos, sharing more about her own story and showing her followers different aspects of her daily life with one functional arm like driving a specially adapted car. She also reveals how technology helps her read and write.

Offer solutions to others

These shares immediately resonate with Chiara receiving a huge outpouring of love and support from her community including other stroke survivors and people with similar disabilities, all thrilled to find tips on how to become more independent. “I received many messages from parents, saying that you helped me because now my child can be independent,” said Chiara. “Yeah, I think I can help people who have had strokes later in life too, like in their twenties too. And I receive messages from young people who have had strokes,” she continued, happy to offer these solutions.

Raising awareness and helping to become independent

His social networks also give him the power to raise awareness among young people about strokes. “I also wanted to help them find a way to be able to be independent. For me, that has always been my main goal. Be independent,” she said. Recently discovered by the charity Different Stroke, Chiara’s work has been applauded and the young woman invited to become the association’s ambassador. Now, Chiara is now working with Different Strokes, releasing a series of videos in conjunction with the charity. In the latter, Chiara shows how she goes about the most everyday tasks such as tying her hair, closing a trouser button or applying makeup. His videos, again, have been widely acclaimed. “We had messages saying: ‘My daughter had a stroke and she’s a little girl now, and that gives me hope that she can be independent’,” said Laura, the head of the association. “I think the quality and the hope that Chiara brings to people is immeasurable,” she concluded.

Paralyzed in one arm after a stroke at 22 months, she raises awareness about disability


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