Natalie Bentos-Pereira was only 11 when she suffered a stroke. In 2017, the teenager woke up with horrific back pain. Despite the pain, she went to school. Unable to walk during the day, she was rushed to hospital. After a battery of tests, doctors told her family that she had suffered a sudden spinal injury. Therefore, she would never be able to use her legs again. Determined to thwart the predictions, the young woman’s parents, Margaret and Gerado, never revealed this terrible diagnosis to her.

Margaret and Gerado were convinced that Natalie would walk again one day, and they were right to believe it. “We didn’t want her to give up. If we had told her, she would have been discouraged and we wanted her to focus on her recovery, to believe in herself rather than in the doctors (… ) When the doctors told us our daughter would never walk again, I remember my husband telling them she would prove them wrong,” the mother-of-one told the Daily Mirror. is beaten like a lioness to recover the motricity of her legs. Hospitalized for a month at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, she underwent intense rehabilitation.

She thwarts the doctors’ diagnosis and walks again!

“When we left the establishment, she was walking with a walker,” rejoiced Margaret. Natalie continued the sessions for two more years: “They worked wonders with her! She also had aqua therapy lessons. She always loved swimming and was eager to see what she could do in the water. She can now swim incredibly well without even using her legs.” Now 16, the young woman is walking again and enjoying her teenage years: “She’s learning to drive and going first. She hopes to become a neonatology nurse. She started playing adapted tennis last year. She’s excited for everything. what is to come!”



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