On the night of December 3 to 4, 1998, Paquita Parra was found dead in the Eaux-claire valley in Puymoyen. The investigation stalls despite the change of five investigating judges and the tenacity of the investigators. But in 2010, a dismissal is declared. It will take eight years for a rebound to revive the business. Paquita Parra’s identity papers are found in a wood. A year later, a new autopsy is performed on the victim’s body. Paquita’s brother Salvador Parra remains hopeful. “What is totally damaging is that we have lost a phenomenal amount of time to solve the murder of Paquita. We have lost the thread of the search for the truth”.

But now the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office has decided to transfer the file to the Nanterre judicial center, which specializes in cold cases. According to the elements already in their possession, the investigators discovered that the young woman would have left her home at the end of the afternoon on December 3, 1998 in her car. She then goes to the gendarmerie to report a stolen check. This will be the last time she will be seen alive.

Paquita Parra’s relatives remain hopeful

According to the autopsy, Paquita Parra died before her car burned. The flames will then devour any genetic fingerprints, making it impossible to take readings. Despite the large gray areas surrounding this affair, those close to the young woman remain hopeful of one day knowing the truth about what happened that disastrous night. “It’s a relief. Since the opening of this service, I had thought it useful to ask the Attorney General of Bordeaux for the Nanterre center to take over the case, because it was necessary for a very specialized service be in charge of this file”, reacted Christine Maze, the family lawyer

Paquita Parra case: 25 years after her tragic death, her relatives have never been so close to discovering the truth

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