It’s panic within the JLC Family. On January 1, after announcing what appeared to be symptoms of Covid-19, Jazz Correia revealed to his fans that he had tested positive for the virus, deploring his state of health. “I have aches in my back and legs, like the flu actually. No runny nose, no cough. I haven’t lost my sense of smell yet. I’m in a panic that I won’t. I don’t know how long this thing will last. My eyes hurt. But I think it’s due to fatigue “, she confided, revealing in passing that she was not the only one at home. to have fallen ill. And for good reason: his daughter Chelsea has also contracted Covid-19.

After several hours of waiting, Jazz Correia has indeed revealed that her daughter had also tested positive, just like her “nanny”, responsible for taking care of her in the absence of her mother. Something to worry about the star of the JLC Family, who did not fail to share his fears on his Instagram account. “Chelsea has a fever of 39.2, that’s it, it’s panic for me,” she wrote on a photo of her sleeping daughter, adding that there is “nothing worse for a mother to see her sick children “. “Really I assure you, I cannot take it any longer not to be a little quiet in our life”, added the young woman.

Is Jazz Correia going to stop television?

A concern, but above all a hard blow for Jazz Correia for whom the year 2021 was loaded with emotions, but above all, with hard knocks. So much so that in the opening minutes of the new season of her TV show, she hinted that she was ready to shut down the JLC Family. “I like doing my show but under these conditions I like less. The thing is, I don’t want to disappoint you but I don’t know if I am capable of it”, she said. confided to its producer, revealing not to “want to do this shoot”. “I don’t want to ruin my life at 30 for TV, for money, for work,” she added, hinting that this season might be the last. ..

Jazz Correia © Instagram

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