The relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee has been talked about a lot. The two terrible lovers had two children before separating in 1998, reports Gala. Remember that the two stars made a sextape that caused a scandal. A simply incredible story told by the series Pam and Tommy, on Disney +. This sextape, Pamela Anderson had confided that her two boys knew of her existence. Note that the children of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are Brandon Thomas, born June 6, 1996 and Dylan Jagger, born December 29, 1997.

The eldest of sexy Baywatch actress and rock band Mötley Crüe drummer Brandon Thomas is a model and actor looking to make his mark on the world. “I follow my own path. In fact, my mother’s fame probably even pushes me to work even harder,” he told the Daily Mail. “Fashion is an integral part of my life. In my group of friends, I have always been the most avant-garde when it comes to fashion. I love to try new things and observe the reaction of others”, always according to him. . Actor since 2017, Brandon Thomas has already shot in works such as the series Tales, Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story or the film Cosmic Sin. Additionally, he launched his own clothing line in 2021, the Swingers Club capsule collection.

Dylan Jagger: musician and model

As for Dylan Jagger, he is also a model. Moreover, the little brother, although discreet, has already paraded for the biggest like Dolce & Gabbana during Milan Fashion Week in 2018. He has also posed for Yves Saint Laurent. Although this field attracts him, Brandon Thomas is more a musician than anything else. “I wouldn’t say he pushed me to make music, but he was very influential,” he said, referring to the influence his father had on his decision to become a musician. Moreover, Dylan Jagger writes songs and masters several instruments. He would even dream of becoming a producer or DJ, according to Gala.

Pamela Anderson: who are her sons Dylan and Brandon?

Pamela Anderson and her sons Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee © JLPPA

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