Tommy Lee has lost control. Totally jealous of Pamela Anderson’s dating, the former star of the group Mötley Crüe did not behave while the actress was filming for “Baywatch”. As director Michael Berk tells it, he followed her everywhere to make sure she didn’t make a mistake. “He was very jealous and wanted to make sure Pam wasn’t dating someone else. It caused problems on the show because Pam had a relationship with David Chokachi. He was a very handsome boy.” he explains in the documentary “Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee” broadcast on Arte Friday July 15, 2022. According to him, at the time of the filming, Pamela Anderson even went to see him to ask him for a favor. “She said to me, ‘There’s a scene where I have to kiss Cody, can you change it? Could we hug?’ I said ‘No, you hugged in the last episode, you have to kiss.’ She said ‘No, please don’t make me kiss her, Tommy is very jealous” adds the director of the hit series.

Pamela Anderson: this day when she thought she would die under the blows of Tommy Lee

Despite Pamela Anderson’s request, Michael Berk said Tommy Lee had to “learn to control himself”. But he also ask the actress to convince him that there was nothing behind this love scene. Finally, on the day of filming, Tommy Lee got upset. “His emotions took over. He lost control (…) He ransacked his dressing room. We had to call security to put him out.” says Michael Berk. Tommy Lee’s violence then moved towards his wife. Boosted with hormones, he became uncontrollable. “He no longer knew who he was or what was going on. I had two babies with me and I thought he was going to… kill me. I didn’t know what to do anymore,” said Pamela Anderson. in an interview, recalling the day when the father of her children exceeded the limits.

Pamela Anderson: this love scene with David Chokachi that pushed her ex-husband Tommy Lee to the worst

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee / David Chokachi © ANGELI-RINDOFF-GARCIA / ALAIN ROLLAND


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